When death seems imminent, overcoming the fearful associations becomes more urgent

When life becomes more difficult and desperate, it appears that it is human nature to worry more and fear for the worst. The harder life becomes, the more desperate people seem to become. But to take a leaf out of one of the inspirational books by those who have turned their lives around for the better, it is also human nature to be positive, resilient and fight against all odds. Those that have had their dramatic stories to tell have often had greater odds stacked against them than those simply battling against the general vagaries of everyday life, often taken for granted.

So far, this article has spoken persuasively of life. This is deliberate because it now wishes to address the important question of; what if death comes knocking on someone you love’s door. What if death is knocking on your own door? In the case of those who have been diagnosed with curable or terminal cancer and other similarly life-threatening illnesses or diseases, what is to be done to lift the patient out of his or her suffering and fear?

There is much that can be done, but for the time being, those that are bedridden or mostly immobile at this time can turn to inspirational literature, films and documentaries to help in overcoming fear of cancer. Even while they are recuperating and one the road to positive recoveries, this personal research and introspection should never stop. Once positive progress is made through the proper healing and care, and through inspiration and faith, the next stage of the human evolution must begin without hesitation.

That phase often has to do with the changes that next need to be made.